About the SOPF

Canada has shown considerable foresight in establishing a national Fund. Over the years this country has fashioned a unique well-functioning compensation regime for compensation for oil spills from ships.

Prior to 1970, establishing liability and pursuing compensation for ship-source oil pollution damage and for the costs and expenses for related clean-up and preventive measures presented difficult issues. 

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Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund

Claims Manual

2014 Edition


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The Administrator’s outreach initiatives are aimed at raising awareness of the existence of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund (SOPF) and its availability to provide compensation for oil pollution caused by ships. The outreach affords an opportunity for the Administrator to further his personal understanding of the perspectives of individual claimants, shipowners and other stakeholders who respond to an oil spill incident and, as a result, may file a claim for compensation.

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The Administrator
Alfred H. Popp, QC

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Did You Know…

In February of 1970, the tanker "Arrow" ran aground on Cerberus Rock in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia, spilling close to 82,000 barrels of Bunker C oil into the waters of the Bay. The oil eventually impacted approximately 300 kilometres of the shoreline. After the “Arrow” incident, major amendments were made to the Canada Shipping Act. The principles of liability and compensation established by these amendments largely remain in force to this day. Today these principles are set out in the Marine Liability Act.